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Alumni Voices with Molly Beth Griffin: What Real Writers Do

If you’re like most of us, you waste a whole lot of energy wondering if you’re a real writer or not. Usually you lean toward the negative. Unless you’re in the blissful state of drafting the first 50 pages of a brand new exciting novel, or you’re actually receiving an acceptance or a good review at this exact moment, you’re probably wallowing in self-doubt. So I don’t know why speakers at conferences—amazing writers I respect and admire—feel the need to tell lecture halls full of us that if we don’t write every single day, we’re not writers. Real writers...

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Alumni Voices with Ailynn Knox-Collins: How to Write Sci-Fi When You Already Live in a Dystopia

“It’s difficult to focus on writing, particularly fiction, when the world feels like it’s on fire.” Hugo award winning author, John Scalzi wrote that recently, in an article for the Los Angeles Times. He talks about how hard it is for science fiction writers to write their stories these days, because it feels like we’re living in a dystopian novel already. And maybe that’s what I’ve been feeling lately. And that’s why it’s been so hard to sit down and write. I have stories waiting to be told. They mill around in the back of my mind, waiting for my fingers to get going....

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Emily Jenkins (e. lockhart) from Scotland

Hello from Scotland. My (infrequent) faculty Inkpot posts have all been a little bit about professional author stuff and some thoughts on going about it. This one will be more of the same. I’m writing this in early August, currently traveling for my publisher in the UK and Ireland. Very often books come out in a different order or at different times in foreign markets—because translation takes time. Even in English-speaking markets, there can be a delay, or the books might not come out at all. For example, I had my first adult book come out in the UK...

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Announcing Our New Blog Editor

Congratulations to Tiffany Grimes (MFAC ’15), our new Inkpot Blog Editor!   Tiffany Grimes is a minimalist (excluding cats: cats bring joy, thus more cats equal happiness). She graduated from Hamline in 2015 and currently writes and breathes in Portland, OR. Follow her on Twitter @Qtiffany.  Tiffany will take over the blog management duties later in July. Plus, more exciting blog changes coming soon!    Welcome, Tiffany!...

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Meet the Grad: Andrea Knight Jakeman

On Sunday, July 16, 2017, Hamline’s Creative Writing Programs will host a Graduate Recognition ceremony to honor all the students who have completed their studies and will be receiving an MFA from Hamline University. During the months of June and July we will be featuring our soon-to-be alumni as they look back on their time at Hamline University. Today’s featured grad is Andrea Knight Jakeman. Andrea lives in Minnetonka, MN. What do you do when you’re not working on packets?  I’m a freelance book editor, like a book doctor — I love helping authors get their manuscripts ready to...

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Welcome to The Inkpot

Join the discussion as faculty, students, and graduates of Hamline University’s MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults program talk about the program, books, writing, the writing life, creative process, and a little bit of kid’s lit everything.

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