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Alumni Voices With Sherryl Clark: The Love-and-Hate Thing With Your Novel

We all love our novels in the beginning. Their potential is amazing. They could be anything – best-sellers, world changers, a force for good or against evil, or a darned good read on a rainy day. They are rosy, new, blooming with possibility. Our characters are alive in our minds. We see them, hear them, want to spend all our time with them. We start writing, full of fizz or power or hope. We might write 10,000 words in a day, 30,000 in a week, or we might just whoosh our way through to a first draft. We love...

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Alumni Voices with Melinda R. Cordell: Succeeding with Self-Publishing

Every time I say, “I’m never going to do this,” I end up doing that very thing. When I was an undergrad majoring in horticulture and minoring in writing, I kept saying, “I have no interest in writing gardening books.” Ever since I started sending out novels in 1995, I said, “No, I am not going to self-publish my books, are you nuts? I’m going to be traditionally published and have an editor.” And, of course, “Why do I need to write to market? People will love my literary YA novels.” Well, now I have 21 self-published books out,...

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Alumni Voices with Georgia Beaverson: Writer’s Block

It’s an embarrassing thing to admit, but after I earned my MFA, I barely wrote for more than two years. What’s especially cringe-making about this (for me) is that I’d been a professional writer and editor for almost the entirety of my adult life. It was my six- or seven-days-a-week practice for more than twenty years. Churning out 3,000 words per writing session was routine. I’d never, ever not written before. And here I was with a newly minted MFA (at last!) and… Nothing. Sure, I had ideas. I even had a couple of incomplete novels underway, both of...

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Alumni Voices With William Kennedy: Creation Through Publication

Bill Kennedy talks about the challenges in bringing The Singing Bone to life. About The Singing Bone: Liam Stone operates within a band of emotion that never touches his self imposed safety limits; no severe pain, yet no great joy. The death of his widowed mother in an automobile accident and a meeting with his father’s best friend, a Catholic priest, convince him that he is aware of only a small portion of who his parents truly were. He learns of the existence of a group of ledgers that his father had hidden. He finds the ledgers, but can’t...

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Publication Interview With Janel Kolby: Winterfolk

Author and MFAC alum Janel Kolby talks about her YA novel, Winterfolk (published February 6, 2018). Rain lives with her alcoholic father in a homeless camp outside Seattle. Despite threats to dismantle the encampment, Rain believes that those who live there—the Winterfolk, she calls them—are essentially invisible. Her only friend is King, a homeless 17-year-old who has taken it upon himself to look after her. When King takes Rain into the city to celebrate her 15th birthday, he crosses paths with Cook, a petty drug dealer, and that’s where the trouble begins. Debut novelist Kolby explores homelessness through the eyes of...

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