No, I not writing to say that I have joined the Twitter crowd. But I know a little bit more about it since hearing a fascinating interview with Twitter founder Evan Williams. I just googled to try and get you a link, but no luck. All I found were articles about William’ plans for the future. But last week’s radio interview featured Williams’ thoughts about the creative life. His years living on his parents’ couch, up to all hours working on his many internet plans. Did he have any idea how successful Twitter would be? “No way.” He said in the middle of all his inventions he had no idea if they would ever be successful. Even those like Blogger and Twitter gave him no early sign that he had hit the jackpot. Working on them you just never know, he said.

I am driving along thinking, this guy must be talking about writing. Not exactly, but definitely the creative process. In the middle of a book, we just have no idea if this manuscript is heading toward genius or mediocrity or somewhere in between. Right now I am communicating with you through one of his genius inventions, Blogger, a program he designed and worked on for years, including the month when it had been successfully launched, but no money was coming in, so he had to fire all his employees for a time and run it by himself.

Hmm. Writing, Twitter, Blogger. Williams started six companies; two have been successful. He didn’t sound like a person who was going to slow down, settle back with his millions. More creating ahead for him. Sounds like a writer to me, except for the money part. CRM