I’ve been a little tardy vis a vis the Inkpot (Did I say that last time?), so will make up some ground here.

I just got Garrison Keillor’s newest anthology of poetry called GOOD POEMS. All of them were heard on “The Writer’s Almanac” so you know they’re easy to listen to and easy to read. There are way too many cool poems to quote, but here are some smidgens from the Contributors’ Page where every poet gets to write a little something about poetry:
Edward Field: “Poetry is no different from newspapers. What you think about is what you should write about.”
Rodney Jones: “I’m against all the games that might be played in a poem like “guess what’s behind my back.’ Everything I do in a poem can be seen.”
Ted Kooser: “I revise toward clarity and away from difficulty, wanting the poem to appear to be written with ease.”
Linda Pastan: “I stopped writing for almost ten years and I was very unhappy. Finally my husband said he was tired of hearing what a good poet I might have been if I hadn’t gotten married.”
There are more, but those are only the notes-in-the-back! Can you even imagine how good the poems are?
P.S. And, yes — I’m in there, too.