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Years ago, I was author-in-residence at a lively middle school where two exceptional teachers had created a strong writing program. A cardboard box, decorated with skull and crossbones, sat the the front of one room, with a sign...

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The brave new world of research

This morning I came across a hand-written, nearly illegible letter from my great-uncle Carleton. In his cramped, wobbly hand (he was 92 at the time), he wrote about his grandmother’s wedding. He remembered her stories...

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Operatic writing

As writers, we pay constant attention to the Don’ts of writing. Don’t Tell: Show. Don’t bog the story down with long flashbacks. Don’t create stereoytypical characters. Don’t give in to melodrama....

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For those who don’t receive the Writer’s Almanac, I can’t resist posting this poem on punctuation–especially since I sometimes bug students about the semi-colon and then realize I probably misuse it...

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What’s on the Wall?

How fitting that Anne should post about procrastination, just when I realize that I am avoiding cleaning my office. The chaos in my writing room is a habitual problem, so the avoidance is not new. The trouble is, a month ago I...

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Welcome to The Inkpot

Join the discussion as faculty, students, and graduates of Hamline University’s MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults program talk about the program, books, writing, the writing life, creative process, and a little bit of kid’s lit everything.

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