One of our students, Dave Revere, gave his lecture on the willing hero. He called it “Being Awesome.” That phrase seems to have defined the last couple of days of residency, where all we can do is bask in the awesomeness of our experience and our colleagues. We’re way past exhaustion now, but what comes in this place is something oddly close to clarity.

I love it here. I love coming back every six months to this spiritual home. Our theme this residency was setting, and now I’m thinking about this great place, and how it is created by the people in it and the energy around it. Bad food and bad weather just add to the place-y-ness of it–for they just add the depth that make it whole. Besides, without some foibles, this place wouldn’t be real, and then where would we be?
It turns out that some of our faculty have talents beyond writing, and while I think this is desperately unfair, it sure makes for a good closing night banquet. They gave us a rousing musical review and our amazing graduation speaker, Jane Yolen, joined in. I’m not sure I’ll ever forget the sight of her sprawled on the grand piano, torch-singer style, serenading our graduates.

I leave for home–where apparently I have a husband and child– feeling energized and inspired by my awesome colleagues–faculty, students, and staff alike. It’s such a great privilege to call these people my friends.