Just finished the first full day of the residency. Great lectures by Mary Logue and Jackie Briggs Martin. One sits and listens to all the good points made and what comes to mind are the flaws in one’s own work. Well, this one goes through that, alas.

Tonight I took turns at the podium with Kelly Easton Rubin and Claire Rudolf Murphy for the first night of faculty readings. After I read from a rather dark manuscript that’s headed to a drawer for a little R & R, Kelly got us laughing and then Claire got us singing. As the kidz say, or used to say, Sweet.

Tomorrow we start workshopping. Daily workshops are like the home room for the residency–a great place to get to know people and their writing.

As Anne said, except for Ron, who is staying warm in California, the Inkpot bloggers might be a little slow, a little dazed, a little confused over the next few days.

One last thought: The hotel we return to at the end of the long day is very nice, the kind of place the George Clooney character in Up in the Air would have liked. I ‘m going to crash soon, but first I need check out the mattress and find out what my my sleep number is.