I posted this on that Facebook/SMtP page my publicists set up for that book, but I’m contained by space there. Not here.

I’m futzing around with these poems-about-the-Greek gods. All the Olympians and a few of their cronies or girlfriends or pets (Cerberus, for example). The poems (and they are poems vs. straight-up prose) sound like me — smarty-pants and fast with dollops of what they call in TV writing “”moments.”
But I can’t come up with a title that’s both attractive and true. I did like “A Hipster’s Guide to Olympus” but I think ‘hipster” is almost archaic by now and I don’t much want to use now-slang. Still, the angle of that title is right.
The subjects are the true Olympians — Zeus, Hades, Persephone, Demeter, Aphrodite, etc. Both their Greek and roman names apply: Ares/Mars, Dionysus/Bacchus, etc.
Any ideas?