‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year. Packet deadlines are near. Our advisors dedicate themselves to our work. I may send my advisor a sympathy card–or five–along with a bottle of Malbec [Student Tip # 112: Wine makes your adverbs fall off and any advisor real happy]. But you didn’t hear this from me [A copy of Student Tips and Blips is available for $49.99. Email for details].
Maybe you’re feeling anxious [don’t most of us]? Tired? Excited? Have you found your stride? Wondering where the heck it’s hiding? Ever wonder how you’ll tap in when you’re tapped-out? Don’t worry; these are classic signs of P.D.D.S. [Packet Due Date Syndrome]. And the prognosis is hopeful. Life happens. You do the work. The car breaks down. You do the work. Mom moves into the apartment. You do the work [with the door locked].
How’s your semester going? How’s your writing life? The Inkpot is your community. It is our community. And P.D.D.S. is perfectly normal. We’re in this together.
Disclaimer: The author of this post in no way promotes bribery in the advisor/advisee relationship. :0)