Hello Inkpotters!

Here is a question for our illustrious bloggers, direct from the mailbag:


Y’all had offered such useful advice about narrators and my dog last semester, that I’ve returned with more problems. I apologize in advance… What are your opinions about narrative time–specifically the time frame in which a novel unfolds. My story begins on a Friday and ends on a Tuesday. Stuff happens. So, what’s my problem? Aside from the two love birds who sit in the back row of my classroom and make-out during conversations about the legalization of marijuana (apparently weed is a gateway to the dirty deed)–my story “feels” stuffy. I anticipate that someone will suggest extending the story’s time line. Here’s the downfall: If I extend the story over weeks, or months, I will lose a great deal of narrative tension. Much of the story’s tension comes from its five day timeline. I would appreciate any advice/solutions/medications. Oh, and I’ll also accept advice about the love birds before they return to their nests and tell their momma birds about the egg they created in English class.

Thank you, (Still) Desperately Seeking Snoozin’