I hate shopping. The canned holiday music and newspaper ads this time of year nearly send me over the edge. But when I sit back with a strong cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening, I am grateful for the gifts I have received from the many people in my life who support my sometimes euphoric, sometimes neurotic writer’s life. I couldn’t survive without them. A special shout out today to the supportive Hamline faculty, students and alumni.

On Sunday I finished up the last of my Hamline student packets for the semester. Every student I have worked with over the years has given me the gift of their passion and creativity. They have trusted me with their deepest work. They challenge me to respond more clearly, to articulate what I believe can help make their creative and critical writing stronger. They teach me by introducing me to new stories and characters. Thank you. Thank you.

They introduce me to new subject matter, too, like tapping into dreamwork to create stronger stories, using Jewish myth or the art of burling in historical fiction. Or like Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, who managed to write pieces for NPR while completing her first semester at Hamline, they also write about their world. Check out this one on how Bonnie’ small town in Colorado is the first to give all of its residents free regional bus passes. http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/kunc/news.newsmain/article/1/0/1736171/Regional/Residents.in.Lyons.Get.Free.Bus.Passes”>

I believe we learn from every type of writing we create and read. Lucky me.

All of us students and faculty have until January 7th to rest and prepare for the stimulating residency and reunion of kindred souls. I can’t wait.

Writing cheer to all. CRM