Writing is a good habit if it you make it one. Or you can make a lot of bad habits and good excuses. I used to blame other life-forms (spouses, children, or bacteria because I love to clean more than write) for my slim output, but now I can blame a non-life form. No, not a zombie, though it can effectively produce one, like me when I fall victim to the blue-screen syndrome, the drive-through-Windows consumption disorder, the I’m writing (posting, browsing, staring at the blinking cursor) but not WRITING bad habit. I am sated, soothed, and seduced by each click in the pale blue light of my laptop screen. Diets do not succeed. Avoidance does.

In the dark, walnuts fall when they will outside my window. My writing will happen as it happens too, but for now, not in the light of my laptop. It will happen as it once did. Hello again, pen and paper.