When I started blogging on The Storyteller’s Inkpot last February I felt as though I were entering a brave new world. I can do this, I assured myself, even though I’ve never blogged before. Blog posts are spare, just like picture books. Blog posts should relate to writing. Doesn’t everything? Look, a rock. Rocks are hard. Writing is hard. See? It’s all related.

I jotted down ideas, wrote practice posts, found a friend to pre-read my posts to see if they made sense to anyone besides me. Now, twenty-some posts and various comments later, I’m ready to sign off for the coming semester. But I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve learned from posting and how much I’ve enjoyed the connection with you all. I’ll miss it.

So thanks to all who have read and commented on posts. Thanks to all who have read and not commented. (I’m a non-commenter most of the time myself.) And thanks to all who haven’t read but care passionately about children’s writing and literature.

We’re all in this together.