Let’s say you’re reading the job listings in the newspaper — or, okay, online — and you run across this ad:

WANTED: Part-time novelist to churn out high-quality stories for young readers. Needs ambitious writer who’s strong in craft. Work 10-15 hours/week. Flex-time, work from home. The pay isn’t worth a damn, but oh well. Call 867-5309.

Wouldn’t you jump at a job like that? Wouldn’t you be polishing your pitch and resume and fixing up sample chapters for your boss just to get a job like that?

The real question: Why do you need an outside boss when the job is already yours for the taking?

So let’s sit down and get started!

P.S. No, the internet doesn’t need you, and the dishes can surely wait.

P.P.S. This post is meant for me more than anybody else. :p