…a bunch of writers/Hamline MFAC professors sitting around talking. There’s a bit of the “tree falls in the forest” thing going on right now, I guess. Still, I wanted to mention today’s wonderful NY Times Magazine article about the film version of Where the Wild Things Are, directed by Spike Jonze.

In the article, writer Dave Eggers is quoted describing the typical “easy” plot arc this way: “Let’s go find the chalice! Where is it? Here are some people we meet along the way.” Well…okay. Those of us who write “realistic” fiction not using chalices might confess to this sort of easy arc: “Things aren’t great; things get worse; things get better. Here are some people we meet along the way.”

I guess it’s the “along the way” part that keeps many of us writing. The Jonze version of the Sendak classic looks to be very much all about “along the way.” I’ll be first in line.