How many of you write during the holidays? I don’t mean write as in Facebook or Twitter or send cards and letters. That’s a given.
     Do you write in your journals, work on manuscripts, take notes in your story ideas book, think up new storylines, revise?
     I guess I’m saying that writers don’t take days off — though we do sometimes. I know that I do. But when the muse calls we got to get to the chair and create or recreate. Or at least sit there and think about writing.
     Writing at the Storyteller’s Inkpot has helped me a lot. It has made me think, and, of course, write.
     I attended two book signings recently — one in which Orson Scott Card regaled us with his explanations about his reasons for writing “The Speaker for the Dead” and his new book(s); the reasons for writing “Ender’s Game” and its upcoming movie; the “new” ending of “Ender’s Game;” his Mormon religion; so many more, all told in an engaging, practised manner that made us laugh or nod our heads. Most of the attendees — probably 50 or so at Quail Ridge Books and Music in Raleigh, NC — were high school and college students, teachers, writers, and avid readers.
     I also attended picture book author Kelly Starling Lyons’ book launch of “Teacakes for Tosh” at Quail Ridge, too. This was like a festival, with some 100 children and their parents, with crafts activities, a drumming selection, refreshments (teacakes, of course), and lots of energy.
    Both attracted devoted readers. Yet both were very different. Perhaps Card’s reflected the traditional book signing and Lyons refelected the new.
     Anyway, back to my original questions. During these holiday hours, are you writing? Are you signing books? Taking notes? Revising?
     Whatever you’re doing, let writing be part of your days and nights, or at least think about it.
     Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hannauka! Happy New Year!