Just as we writers are getting into our literary stride, our grammar gurus rear their conventions heads and point out our “grammatical mistakes.”  Thank goodness that this process arrives late in the game, during revision.
     James V. Smith, Jr.’s “50 Grammatical Mistakes to Avoid” warns us about some more “not to writes” in the September issue of a well-known writers magazine (pm me and I’ll tell you). 
     Some “errors” were familiar and I’m now determined to avoid them. Others were surprises that I’ll continue to use, because I like ‘em.
     Here’s a selection:
     He tells us not to use “per” as in “per instructions.” Doesn’t say why.
     Please don’t write  “IN ALL CAPS,”  he warns, because it’s “shouting in print.” I AGREE!
     “It’s different from, not different than.”
     Since currently means “now,” write “now.”
     Type up and print out are also no no’s, according to Smith. Just write type and print.
     Smith continues with 46 more because he has a whole book full of them. I’ll stop for now because I believe that “less is more,” and don’t want you readers to suffer eyestrain with a long post.
     And that’s not a mistake.