Here’s the thing — keep writing. And for gods’ sake keep revising. Here’s a quote by Adrian Blevins (poet). The “him” is Rodney Jones, another poet and a guy she studied with:
“I remember telling him in an overconfident voice no doubt that I was rewriting my poems over and over again. Sometimes thirty times, I said. Have you ever done that? He took a deep breath and said in that accent of his that makes even hard lessons sound sweet, “I don’t stop before sixty.”

Someone is going to say to me, “Gee, I can’t look at every page sixty times,” and I’d say, “Why not?” Sometimes revising is changing a single word. “Loathsome” for “despicable.” “Preposterous” for “fantastic.” Manuscripts are like babies — they need to be handled, fussed over, and played with.

I know a novel-in-verse (or any novel) is daunting. It’s long and unruly. But page-by-page not so much.
Don’t let many days go by without visiting your work. You don’t have to look your best. The manuscript doesn’t care. But drop by even if you can only stay a little while.