Charlotte E. Hunter
Currently live where? Winter Park, FL
Anything else, like website/blog/Twitter you are ok sharing? Nope
What do you do when you’re not working on packets?
Work on MG mysteries
Research other books
Analyze the writing of authors I admire
Watch K-dramas and documentaries
Wander the Disney parks with friends
How did you hear about the Hamline MFAC Program? I don’t remember.
What was your writing experience prior to entering the program?
I’d finished five MG mysteries, all in desperate need of editorial surgery.
What do you especially remember about your first residency?
I feared Erin Entrada Murphy might resign from Hamline when stuck with a writer with zero
character-building abilities. Happily, she assigned exercises that proved illuminating.
Have you focused on any one form (PB, novel, nonfiction, graphic novel) or age group in your
writing? Tried a form you never thought you’d try?
Wanted to challenge myself with a new form so dove into Semester 2 with Claire Rudolf
Murphy . . . and uncovered a passion for writing nonfiction.
Tell us about your Creative Thesis.
A MG introduction to geomythology, ancient indigenous stories that convey eyewitness
accounts of geological disaster.
What changes have you seen in your writing during your studies?
I stink less at creating characters.
I love figuring out ways to convey complex science concepts in clear, simple, entertaining
Any thoughts for entering students or for people considering the program?
Try new forms!
Trust your advisor