I appreciate Anne and Lisa posting on the mysterious process of writing, every book a new challenge. Much like life, I keep saying. But one especially intriguing aspect is that others do not always understand. How can they, when we do not always get it ourselves?

My brother John has now departed on his own mysterious process, the final book in a seven-part series. I wasn’t going to mention this for awhile, as he will be trekking in to Everest base camp for three weeks and won’t make the final ascent for 6-8 weeks. But today the NY Times has a featured article on him, written by National Book award-winning NF author Tim Egan. Tim covers JR’s range from confidence to conflict, in attempting to climb the tallest mountain in the world at age 62.


Our daughter in graduate school in NYC calls early this morning. Uncle John’s in the NY Times. So – even my 91-year old mother could mostly handle the article. But the blog comments – oh, my. The entire range from hero to crazy man.

Enough. I saw the slides. I get the challenge. Yet I am not sure that I understand this one. But everybody has one or more Everests in our lifetime, whether we choose it or not. We’ve all got mountains to climb. Not as public as my brother’s, but mountains full of crevasses and rock slides. And people who don’t always understand.

I love my brother like crazy and wish him godspeed. That’s the best we can do.