A lot of the Inkpotters–well, all–are on campus now at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s time for the residency portion of our MFA program. Which means we’re sort of at summer camp. Yesterday Anne Ursu gave a terrific lecture on THEME. Get a bunch of writers in a room and ask them about themes in their work and you’ll hear a lot of disclaimers. But Anne made it all concrete. Sorry I don’t have details … maybe one of the students will comment.

In about an hour I’ll be talking on “Reading as a Writer.” When I was planning my talk I decided there was an inherent problem with talking about it, so I’ll be forcing the students to read stuff and then come up with responses to some challenges I’ll pose. In other words–they’ll be doing the work. Which is why I’m blogging right before curtain time. Everything’s cool.

Sunday July 11 (tomorrow as I write) the fabulous Elizabeth Partridge will be doing a reading. It’s open to the public. 103 Law school building at 4:30 PM. Please join us.