Today is “Faculty Voices” day on the ‘Pot, and what’s a blog wrangler
to do when those voices are at rest because the owners of those voices are busy
launching books or working on or preparing for packets or have their thoughts
turned toward Fenway Park? Also, Lady Em dropped the ball on cracking the whip.

In other words, nothing to post. So how about this list comprised
of 1. Faculty blogs you might want to read 2. Recent (or fairly recent) guest blog
posts or interviews the MFAC fac members have done for other sites 3. Quotes
compiled by readers on Goodreads (who knew?). This is hardly an exhaustive list—please add to it
in the comments section.
Faculty Voices” returns next week, and tomorrow… Halloween goodness.
And now the blog roll, in no particular order:


One more thing …  A faculty voice many grads and students like to conjure up when away from Hamline belongs to Jane Resh Thomas. There are plans afoot to bring you an special edition Inkpot interview with Jane. Until then, enjoy this
post she wrote for the ‘Pot.