Here’s a link to a recent NY Times article on adults reading YA, The Kids’ Books Are All Right (odd that the title references the recent movie with Julianne Moore and Annette Benning, the connection is lost on me, though the movie was okay, albeit overrated). Anyway, of course, this is nothing new to us, but I forget that other adults are not so aware of the quality and pleasure of YA. Do we thank Hunger Games, as we thanked Harry Potter years ago for making our marginalized field a little less marginalized? I have mixed feelings about this, but that must explain why one of my favorite quotes from the article is:
“Y.A. may also pierce the jadedness and cynicism of our adult selves.”

Other quotes that hit the mark and make me remember why I’ve always loved writing and reading YA:
“I like the way adolescent emotions are rawer, less canned.” Darcy Steinke, (adult) novelist.

“A lot of contemporary adult literature is characterized by a real distrust of plot,” Grossman said. “I think young adult fiction is one of the few areas of literature right now where storytelling really thrives.” Lev Grossman, book critic.

Since all is still quiet on the writing/publishing and Inkpot front you can always go get in line for the third Suzanne Collins’ novel and read this while you wait.