A few days ago I had a heart-to-heart with a good friend. She was devastated with the treatment from her boss. Her cry resonated within my soul. I too, shed tears like hers. Back in ’09, I was David fighting Goliath at Bank of America. I lost myself and fell into a depression. It was ugly. From that experience, I learned something that I shared with my friend and now, I share with you.

You are stronger than where you are right now. In your journey of creating a career path (after finding one first), cultivating a future for your family, and celebrating small victories–life happens. In our perfect little bubble, we expect the world to revolve around us and push us to greatness. We think, “If I work hard and have a positive outlook then everything will fall into place.”

What happens when it doesn’t?

What happens when your boss bears his weight down on you? What happens when your book gets a horrible review? What happens when you can’t find a job even though you’re one paycheck from being homeless? What happens when everyone else around you is successful, but you’re still beating the pavement yet another year? What happens when you look in the mirror – if you dare – and don’t recognize yourself?

Most writers might advise, “keep writing through your pain.” Yet, you know your wrist will break because the pen’s too heavy. What do you do? Cry?

Just like my friend came to me, I found solace in a friend. A good listener. And, I found solitude. I then realized: I am stronger that where I am right now. My circumstances might have me in a box, but my strength can’t be contained there.

You are so much stronger than your circumstances. You can’t let circumstances dictate or define you. Life happens and will continue to happen. Think of all the past hurdles you’ve jumped.

If I can borrow from The Help:

You is kind.
You is smart.
You is important.