Distractions, distractions, distractions… The fall weather, and its air, tinged with burning firewood, the leaves, on the cusp of that fire-color, and coffee shops summonsing you inside for a pumpkin-spiced latte, will tempt the most disciplined among us. Despite what Annie Dillard says, this is still a fave time of year to write. Thick cardigans, long, striped socks, and crock pot dinners fuel this writer. Period.

Ever notice that when we reach part of a story that feels impossible, that will require a total re-haul, that just ain’t working, everything else is more appealing? What if we incorporate those distractions into the process? Hey, if we’re on Facebook for an hour, we may as well do so, guilt-free. Right?
You’re nodding right now, huh?
What if your character had a Facebook page? I don’t suggest that you create one for real. Unless, you want to… Warning: Nothing would help your non-writerly friends commit you faster than if your MC, a toad named Mr. Warts, who wears a bow tie and is single and interested in men and women, friend requested them. Seriously.
Think about the FB template. Who would be your character’s top friends? Who would the character list as family? Who would she leave out? How about those photo albums? How would she organize and name them? Favorite books? Songs? Whose friend requests would she accept? Even better, whom would she deny?
Try it. Facebook’s callin’. Time to pour a cup o’ pumpkin spice and log-in, guilt-free.
What’s on your MC’s FB page?