Thanks to the friends and colleagues who suggested things for my workshop at Asilomar. I’m mousing around on my own, of course, and found something that I can use and will pass on. It’s a series of fill-in-the-blank statements and the cool thing about the series is that it talks about the antagonist. We all hear about the protagonist, but not so much about his shadow. So here’s the prompt:

My protagonist’s external goal is __________?
My protagonist’s interior goal is ___________?
If my protagonist doesn’t achieve this goal, then ___________?
My antagonist enters the story when_________?
My antagonist’s deepest fear is _____________?
My antagonist’s secret is __________________?
I’m the kind of writer who grinds things out daily and my characters’ fears and goals bubble up that way. But I can see the value of answering questions like these. I’m sure they’d help anybody simplify a plot.
On another note, the Dodgers won their first play-off game, but it wasn’t pretty.