I’m supposed to be doing my taxes. I’m leaving to visit my parents in Arizona tomorrow, and it’s the last possible moment I can do them without pissing off my accountant. Since I am incapable of managing these things on my own, my accountant is high on the list of people I need not to piss off.

Doing taxes, for me, is many hours of coming face to face with my own inadequacies. I can’t find things I should have kept. I can barely add. I can’t deal with the forms, I can’t even understand them. It’s the real world of money and organization, and I’m fairly sure that real world is going to lead to my doom. This is why I write fantasy.
Every year, my mom and I promise each other we won’t kill ourselves rather than do the taxes. It’s worked so far. But I just found out I messed something up even before I begin, to the inconvenience of my accountant, and am beginning the whole ordeal already awash in self-hatred. It’s embarrassing. I like to be good at things. My accountant, I’m sure, is beginning the procedures to declare me legally incompetent for the safety of those around me.
So, I just saw this OK Go video for This Too Shall Pass. I’d embed it here, but record companies are even stupider than I. So, just go take a break and watch it. And then watch the sequel, which is just jaw-dropping. And, by the way, a good little lesson on suspense.
Feel better? I thought so.
OK Go’s thing is they make these amazingly intricate videos shot in one take. Their first one, this self-produced treadmill video, is a classic. Sure, these videos sell records, but these guys just set out to make something cool, something that stops you in your day–for just a moment to marvel. They’re art, and they are joyous. I think if we can do something like this–something that makes someone stop and take a breath, and maybe even forget for a moment that they are brain-addled and incapable of functioning in the real world, then we’ve done our jobs.
OK. I gotta go. But this too shall pass.