We’re all told to cut our stories. We know we should. It’s a rule. Give your reader the tip of the iceberg, not the whole darn thing. Jackie devoted a post to finding the “ness” instead of pouring all that we know about a character onto the page. But will cutting ever hurt the story? What if you’re an over-cutter [this is like being an overachiever only with a delete button]? Do such stories exist? Have you ever wanted more?

When does cutting hurt the voice? Are you a minimalist who must flesh out the story? I can think of several examples where the protagonist’s voice wouldn’t be her own if the author had wielded a scalpel like Hannibal–Ida B comes to mind.
Are you a staunch pro-cutter? What happens if you cut a major plot artery? What if the voice bleeds off the page?
What do y’all think?
*Irene’s fast approaching the NC coast. She’s a pro-cutter; the electricity’s first on her list. Time to gather the candles and lanterns and cut this draft. Stay safe, East Coasters!*