When “Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs” was almost ready to go into copy-editing, I hired a two-person publicity agency in San Diego to help generate some interest. One of the things Barb and Sarah did is make me a Facebook page. It’s not there for friends (in the Facebook sense but of course it’s for real friends); it’s more for kids who get turned on by the blog tour and want to know more.

The blog tour is something I’d never have done on my own. The publicists set it up, and do most of the heavy lifting. Sometimes there are questions-ahead-of-time, and I simply answer them. Facebook isn’t my cup to oolong but I’ll get used to it. If you want to take a peek, log onto Facebook and enter Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs. Not Ronald Koertge. There’s another one of those in Texas and his page has a picture of his car!
You can ask me anything by writing on the wall, of course, or – more likely – via the new feature on our MN blog. Or in the Comment box.
Now to less mundane things — Am I remembering right when I think “A Wrinkle in Time” starts with “It was a dark and stormy night”?