For over a year now I’ve been planning to record my name on the teacher’s guide author name pronunciation website (no kidding!) My name has plagued me ever since my first book. You see I was born Lisa Clough and then decided to change it to Jahn-Clough when I was eleven. Listen to the audio for the whole story:

The thing about the recording is this: 1. I needed to call from a landline. I gave up my landline when we moved to Savannah, and I have no friends in this town who have one (it’s a transient place). So finally I got Ed to let me into his office one Sunday afternoon to use the phone there. 2. I need complete privacy for such a self-centered kind of recording–speaking on the phone to myself is not typical behavior. So I had to ask Ed to wait in the hallway, and still I know he could hear me. gag. 3. The recording time allotted is 3 minutes. I wrote mine out and practiced (just like a lecture)–it was a little over 1 minute. Turned out to be exactly 1:18 by the time I erased and re-recorded it ten times and finally did one acceptable. Fine. Or so I thought. 4. My big mistake was not to listen to all the others first. I’d listened to some a while back but had not remembered the average length. Turns out most of the authors on the site say all they need to in an average of 25-50 seconds. The rare few over one minute are long and tedious in comparison. Mine is now in that category. gag. Plus the sound of my own voice is excruciating. This is a hard lesson in cutting for me.

All this said. the site is a quirky kind of time-kill. Perfect for a Sunday morning. I suggest listening in to your favorite children’s authors tell you a bit about their name. (some of your fine Hamline faculty are on there, too!) We all have interesting little tid-bits about our names, so find your favorites and then plan your own recording. However to save embarrassment I recommend that you keep it under 60 seconds. You can even try writing it out here!

once again the website is: