Well, I’ve landed at Hamline University in Saint Paul for another residency. The faculty has convened, solved the world’s problems & met our new students.

We welcome Gene Yang to the faculty.

The schedule for the next 11 days seems especially packed. Guests are E. Lockhart, David Small, Anita Silvey, and Chris Crutcher, who will be the graduation speaker. Please check the schedule of events open to the public and join us if you can.

One of my favorite parts of any residency–these, however are not open to the public–are the lectures our fourth-semester students will be giving. They spent the last semester (their third) digging deep into a topic, writing a long essay on the topic, and preparing the lecture. Subjects include children’s series fiction, the use of dialect in children’s literature, female heroines, and more.

Happy to be here.