I think for the next residency we should have a short seminar/discussion on how to write a blog. I find myself straddling the line between the casual—wanting to tell you what I had for breakfast, how I find myself drifting off into the falling snow (yes, I know it’s October 12th)—and the formal—an analysis of the poetic forms in Alice in Wonderland, or how to incorporate flashbacks into contemporary fiction. (Please don’t ask me to write about either of those two things–I simply pulled them out of the muddle of my mind.) But you know what I mean.

The word “blog” isn’t even in my dictionary, yet I’m supposed to know how to do it.
I like the tone Marsha Q. took in her last missive–the mixture of the tin foil with the neuroscience. Maybe that’s it–to mix the two together. To show how the writing life is made up of snow falling and ideas forming on paper, of making a nice omelet and figuring out the scramble of a flashback.
I’m writing today. The snow is falling. I had an omelet for breakfast. I need to write a scene in which a detail in a present moment triggers a seamless flashback.
Wish me luck.