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This year–with all its blather and bomp–is ending. The year that Sarah Palin published a book, that we might have gotten health care for the country, that J.K. Rowlings didn’t publish a book, that the earth got...

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Lessons from Frog and Toad

The other night I asked Peter (the writer I live with) if he wanted me to read him a story. We were tucked in bed and he was reading some 700 page book on his ipod. Yes, his ipod. He didn’t really want me to but I...

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What is Success?

My sister, who is a painter, and I were talking the other day about what constitutes success for us as artists. We were both trying to understand how to balance the creative process (the interior world of the mind) with the...

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Time Capsule

Trying to catch up with all of you. I’ve been out of touch because my computer died on Tuesday. I almost threw up. I thought of burying it in the back yard, (I get emotionally attached to my machines) but first I needed to...

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Thanks a Lot!

Pete and I are going off to his cousin’s house for Thanksgiving. He’s in the kitchen at the moment, cutting up vegetables for his Bagna Cauda. Besides trying to find the perfect title for his next YA book all of last...

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Welcome to The Inkpot

Join the discussion as faculty, students, and graduates of Hamline University’s MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults program talk about the program, books, writing, the writing life, creative process, and a little bit of kid’s lit everything.

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