Author: Mary Logue

Stinkpot Expanded and Reading Outloud

I did a reading last night. I’ve been doing quite a few readings lately. It was a poetry reading, which I always get the most out of. I hear my poems again. I see people nod or frown or smile, sometimes even laugh. I read...

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I love that Marsha has taken on Ron’s challenge, his original challenge of writing sonnets. The longer I’m in this biz, the more I see it’s about doing the work every day. My new book of poetry, HAND WORK, came...

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Ghost stories, anyone?

We’ve had a ghastly October. It’s rained more than half the days, it’s been below average temps, and the worst is yet to come. That’s what I wanted to write about today. The weather. And how it affects my...

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Left with Hope

I think there are “happy” endings and then there are satisfying endings. I’m especially aware of the latter, because when one is writing mysteries, your readers let you know if they don’t feel you have...

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Welcome to The Inkpot

Join the discussion as faculty, students, and graduates of Hamline University’s MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults program talk about the program, books, writing, the writing life, creative process, and a little bit of kid’s lit everything.

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