I did a reading last night. I’ve been doing quite a few readings lately. It was a poetry reading, which I always get the most out of. I hear my poems again. I see people nod or frown or smile, sometimes even laugh. I read my poems on the faces of my audience.

On a completely different subject or rather back a few posts, I’m totally into the Stinkpot. But I’d like to suggest that we expand it to bad writing in general, not limit it to incorrect grammar. Peter will occasionally read me some really bad sentences written by some decent writers. It can be stunning. Not that I don’t find bad sentences when I read–but, again, having them read outloud makes them even worse. You can’t skip over them.
Also, the ticks we have in our writing. At my last writing group meeting it was pointed out to me that I had several characters “drop their heads” and I was asked to demonstrate. Yup, this writing stuff is hard work.