Author: Mary Logue

On Blogging

I think for the next residency we should have a short seminar/discussion on how to write a blog. I find myself straddling the line between the casual—wanting to tell you what I had for breakfast, how I find myself drifting off...

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The Beginning of the Week

Funny how, even though I have no regular job to keep track of the days of the week, when Monday comes around, I feel like I have to gear up.  So what does it mean to gear up?  Find the top of my desk again, go over my calendar,...

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How to re-enter world of book?

I have a question for you all–be ye picture book writer or trilogy triathelete.  How do you get back into a book when you’ve set it down for a longish while?  Let’s say that you were forced at penpoint to...

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Squeaking away

There are a few major accomplishments in life: first steps, first day of school, first book.  I can now add to that list–first blog.  Yes, I’m new to this.  But I just wanted to get it over with so even though I...

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Welcome to The Inkpot

Join the discussion as faculty, students, and graduates of Hamline University’s MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults program talk about the program, books, writing, the writing life, creative process, and a little bit of kid’s lit everything.

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