…well, not really a question, but an “amen” will do if you agree or have heard the following. (Thanks Eleanora, I’m going to preach one more time for you!)

When people find out you’re a writer/author, do you get:

“I’ve got a story for you! You should write me story.”

“You know what? I should write a book, too.”

“You should talk to my cousin/friend/aunt/uncle/son/daughter/etc, they’ve been saying forever how they want to write a book.”

SOMEONE: “How do you get published?”
YOU: “Do you write?”
SOMEONE: “Not yet, but I’m going to start writing my book soon.”
YOU: “You know you can actually google that question and get some good info, right?”

“When are you going to publish (another) book?”

“You’re still not published yet? I have a friend who published her book already.”

“Still not published? Maybe you should think about getting a real job.”

“You should email J.K. Rowling, she published a whole lot of books.”

“You should make your book into a movie.”

“When you get published you’ll probably make a whole lot of money. (silence) We should get married.”

I know our friends/neighbors/family members mean well. Sometimes you have to chuckle with the remarks you get.

Have any outrageous comments to share?