On Sunday, January 14, 2018 Hamline’s Creative Writing Programs will host a Graduate Recognition ceremony to honor all the students who have completed their studies and will be receiving an MFA from Hamline University. 

We will be featuring our soon-to-be alumni as they look back on their time at Hamline University. Today’s new graduate is Ronny K. He lives in South Central North America. His Hearthstone name is rennui#1567. 

What do you do when you’re not working on packets?

Recounting the Silmarillion to my newborn.

How did you hear about the Hamline MFAC Program?

I actually found Hamline through Google, looking for children’s writing programs. By the time I read The Real Boy, I was ready to enroll.

What was your writing experience prior to entering the program?

Did some Star Wars fanfic in my tweens. Got a BFA in Writing for my undergrad, which was mostly focused on snooty east coast literary short fiction. Self-published some junk that I won’t publicly acknowledge. That’s about it!

What do you especially remember about your first residency?

First residency was my favorite. I hadn’t visited the program or anything, so it was something of a shot in the dark, but the welcomingness of the community blew me away. Most memorably, I fell in love with all the Front Row kids, who (unofficially) gave me booze and made me feel at home. (luv u guyz)

Have you focused on any one form (PB, novel, nonfiction, graphic novel) or age group in your writing? Tried a form you never thought you’d try?

I came in to focus on middle-grade fantasy, and I have, but I also did a semester of poetry and a semester of picture books. I probably learned more about craft from trying to do poetry (which I’d never attempted) than anything else. Super fun.

Tell us about your Creative Thesis.


What changes have you seen in your writing during your studies?

I am MUCH more aware of Representation in all writing, including my own. I’ve added a whole new round of revision that I call “Asshole Check,” in which I probe the MS and try to locate places where my writing is being an asshole, especially in terms of Representation. This’ll be something I continue to work on.

Any thoughts for entering students or for people considering the program?

Come to Hamline if you need a home.